Accidentally deleted Index- Error: failed to find metadata for existing index

I have accidentally deleted 2-3 indexes form path: elasticsearch/data/nodes/0
And now I can't able to restart the elastic search.

It gives me the error:
Caused by: failed to find metadata for existing index SOME_INDEX-2019.09.01-1 [location: AbMOLZfgdfsuaOQILdHbTiQ, generation: 29]

How do I solve this?

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I did not find here exactly what to do!!! :pensive:

The only supported way forwards is to delete the rest of elasticsearch/data/nodes/0. This will allow this node to start up. If your cluster health is yellow or green then Elasticsearch will be able to recover any missing shards from the other nodes in your cluster. If your cluster health is red then you might need to restore any missing data from snapshots.

Is there any way I can restore all data, deleting the nodes will delete all the data right?

also we do not have any other node currently, we have working on a single node right now.

Yes, if this was a one-node cluster then you will have to delete the whole cluster and restore from a snapshot.

one last thing, when you talk about restoring from snapshot, is it AMI\SNAPSHOT taken by AWS\AZURE, or elasticsearch takes backup by itself.

I am talking about a snapshot that you have previously taken using Elasticsearch's snapshot/restore functionality. Filesystem-level snapshots offered by services like AWS and Azure are not something that is tested or supported - they definitely do not work if you have more than one node.

Guess I haven't took any snapshot before, So in that case, If I restart or delete whole cluster, It will delete all my data on ES right away.

Is there any way i can fetch/restore, or take any other actions to prevent my data, can't afford to loose them.

I don't have any other suggestions to offer.

Deleted indices, but when I am restarting ./bin/elasticsearch it gives error: [2019-09-04T16:53:35,773][INFO ][o.e.x.s.a.AuthenticationService] [elk] Authentication of [elastic] was terminated by realm [reserved] - failed to authenticate user [elastic]

This is due to x-pack that I know but how to resolve this?

Sorry, I don't know what would cause that. I suggest opening another thread since this is a different issue from the one we were originally discussing.

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