Acet in vega-lite doesn't work

Facet in vega-lite doesn't work. Looks like it's completely ignored.
Kibana version is 7.3.2

Here is my code:

  description: A bar chart with highlighting on hover and selecting on click. (Inspired by Tableau's interaction style.)
  data: {
    values: [
      {a: "A", b: 28, c: "college"}
      {a: "B", b: 55, c: "college"}
      {a: "C", b: 43, c: "high school"}
      {a: "D", b: 91, c: "high school"}
      {a: "E", b: 81, c: "elemeantary"}
      {a: "F", b: 53, c: "elemeantary"}
      {a: "G", b: 19, c: "elemeantary"}
      {a: "H", b: 87, c: "middle school"}
      {a: "I", b: 52, c: "middle school"}
  height: 200
  width: 100
  selection: {
    highlight: {
      type: single
      empty: none
      on: mouseover
    select: {type: "multi"}
  mark: {
    type: bar
    fill: "#4C78A8"
    stroke: black
    cursor: pointer
    fillOpacity: 0.5
  encoding: {
    facet: {field: "c", columns: 2, type: "nominal"}
    x: {field: "a", type: "ordinal"}
    y: {field: "b", type: "quantitative"}
    color: {
      condition: [
        {selection: "highlight", value: "red"}
  config: {
    scale: {bandPaddingInner: 0.2}
    axisX: {titleLimit: 150}
    axisY: {minExtent: 40}

Looks like the facet channel got introduced after 2.6 (the current vega-lite version supported by Kibana). However it looks like you can use row instead to achieve a similar result.

We are currently working on upgrading vega and vega-lite versions.

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