Active directory Authentication Problem

Hello Gents,
I'm a newbie in the elastic World, actually, I'm counting on you to solve my problem.
I've elastic search cluster and I need to do the Active directory integration
I followed the after enabling the trial license.
the cluster has 3 (master and data ) nodes with 3 client nodes in total 6 nodes.
the master nodes have the following Elasticsearch.yml
I enabled the encryption between the Elastic cluster inter-node communication but I didn't enable the HTTP encryption.

I did the enter as well the binding user credential via bin/elasticsearch-keystore add

        order: 1
        url: ldap://, ldap://
        bind_dn: CN=NDB,OU=Service Account,DC=elastic,DC=example,DC=com
          base_dn: "OU=sharaf,DC=elastic,DC=example,DC=com"
          base_dn: "CN=elastic_admin,DC=elastic,DC=example,DC=com"
          role_mapping: "/etc/elasticsearch/role_mapping.yml"

AD integration is a commercial feature. Do you have the appropriate license?

Thanks for your response I enabled the trial license.

more over the log file is not sating anything regarding the authentication process although with the following configuration, more over the log file is not saying anything regarding the authentication process although with the following configuration :

  PUT /_cluster/settings 
          "transient": { 

please guys anyone can help me here ?

I managed to solve it.
this are other important points :
1- check if the AD is multi Domain so you have to talk with Global catalog node with the port (3268) if not SSL
2- you have to make sure that the Elasticsearch node you are connected with has both the configuration of the AD configuration in elasticsearch.yml and the bind user password in the node keystore even if this node is a client Elastic node.

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