I have been looking for a solution for quite some time. Activecollab a project management portal uses elasticsearch. I have installed this on my server and followed all of the instructions, I have successfully completed all of the installation instructions for elasticsearch, yet when I go to connect through Activecollab I am getting an error "could not perform connection test". Any idea as to what I might have configured incorrectly?

Activecollab appears to be a commercial product, have you asked their support team? I am not sure I have seen anyone about this product before so I don't know how well we can assist.

Unfortunately technical support does not cover Elasticsearch. Ridiculous.

Which versions of ActiveCollab and Elasticsearch have you got installed? Have you installed them on the same host? Is Elasticsearch starting up correctly?

It is the latest version of Activecollab 5.15 and Elasticsearch 6.4. They are installed on the same host and yes Elasticsearch is started and running according to the installation instructions. I have a dedicated machine with Host Gator and have verified this with support.

As I have never used ActiveCollab, I guess I will not be able to help unless there is something wrong with the setup of the cluster or how you are connecting to it. So you can curl to the URL you have configured and are getting a proper response?

When I curl to "localhost" I get the proper response. When you say URL, for cloud based installation should I be using a URL? Currenlty out of the box Elasticsearch input "" for the host. Should I be using the actual URL?

When I do curl for the IP I get an error, connection refused.

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