AD authentication not working correctly


I'm trying out AD authentication and managed to get it working when I map a group to the superuser role, however when i create a new mapping and map it to a role that has less privileges, i always get the following error

$ curl -XGET -u!  "http://elastic1:9200/products/_search"
{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"security_exception","reason":"action [indices:data/read/search] is unauthorized for user []"}],"type":"security_exception","reason":"action [indices:data/read/search] is unauthorized for user []"},"status":403}

The test user is in a the ElasticUsers group and I have this role_mapping in place

  "mapping1" : {
    "enabled" : true,
    "roles" : [
    "rules" : {
      "field" : {
        "groups" : "CN=ElasticUsers,OU=ElasticGroups,OU=Elasticsearch,DC=somedomain,DC=co,DC=uk"
    "metadata" : { }

Admins have this mapping

  "mapping2" : {
    "enabled" : true,
    "roles" : [
    "rules" : {
      "field" : {
        "groups" : "CN=ElasticAdmins,OU=ElasticGroups,OU=Elasticsearch,DC=somedomain,DC=co,DC=uk"
    "metadata" : { }

Here's my elasticsearch.yml realm settings

#AD realm
          type: active_directory
          order: 0
          url: ldap://AS-server:389
          bind_password: password
            base_dn: "OU=ElasticGroups,OU=Elasticsearch,DC=somedomain,DC=co,DC=uk"
          follow_referrals: false

Any ideas as to why it's working for users in the ElasticAdmins group, but not for the ElasticUsers group?


Hi there,

You didn't explain exactly what doesn't work. Your error message says that the user doesn't have read privileges in your products index.

Now, you have a role mapping that gives the role test_role1 to users that belong to the CN=ElasticUsers group .
What is the definition of this test_role1 ? Does it give the necessary permissions to the index you need ?

You can check all the roles that the user gets with the Authenticate API :

curl -XGET -u!  "http://elastic1:9200/_xpack/security/_authenticate"

this will tell you if the role is mapped to the user or not.

Then, can you share the output of (authenticating as the elastic user, or an AD user that gets the superuser role)

curl -XGET -u elastic:YOURPASSWD  "http://elastic1:9200/_xpack/security/role/test_role1"

this will let us know if the test_role1 definition is correct, as in if it grants the necessary permissions to your users to access what you want them to access

Thanks for the tip, checked and the roles and mappings were correct, I actually managed to found out what the issue was and turns out there was a typo for the ElasticUsers group in AD.
When I corrected the typo, I was able to log into Kibana as the the elasticuser

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