Add 3 master nodes to our cluster configured only default(master/data...) node

Now, we run 6 nodes and all of them has default role (master/data...).
For more efficient cluster environment, we want to change our cluster like below.

  • Add 2 master-dedicated node. (new node)

  • Change one existed node's role to 'master&voting only&data'.

  • Change 5 existed node's role to 'data only'.


    Node1 (default), Node2 (default), Node3 (default),
    Node4 (default), Node5 (default), Node6 (default)


    Node1 (data), Node2 (data), Node3 (data),
    Node4 (data), Node5 (data), Node6 (master&voting only&data)
    Node7 (master-dedicated, new node)
    Node8 (master-dedicated, new node)


  1. Please let me know, if there is any problem with our plan. (run 2 dedicated master node &
    1 voting only node)

  2. If our plan has no problem, please share me recommended process and how to do this
    without any downtime.

for reference, we use elasticsearch v7.2

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