Add a new node to ES cluster v 8.1

I have ES -8,1 cluster working . The only change I made to the existing nodes in the cluster is :
enabled: false

Now , I want to add new data node but getting errors

here are my steps:

1: Install the new ES node
2: edit the YAML file and change the to false,
3: change the data and log path
4: set the hostname from local to the IP address
5: add the cluster name and port
6: save the YAML file

on the existing master, I got the token
on the new node , ran the enrollment token command
here is the output
ERROR:Skipping security auto configuration because this node is configured to bootstrap or to join a multi-node cluster, which is not supported

I also tried making the same changes above but add the discovery.seed_hosts and just start ES with doing the token command

In the case.
ES started
but i get an exception on the log "failed to establish trust with server "

In addition , I tried not changing anything in the YAML and run the token command but that too did not work

Please let me know what I am missing


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