Add array items as prefixes for another array

(Maher Ben Taleb Ali) #1

I am trying to push articles into the corresponding Kafka Topics.

article : {
 "topics": [
    "categories": [

the corresponding kafka topics are in the form of Category_Topics example:


is this possible without using a Ruby filter ?

(Maher Ben Taleb Ali) #2

I used a Ruby Filter, and it is working correctly

input {
  elasticsearch {
    hosts => "localhost"
    index => "articles"
    add_field => { "kafka_topics" => '' }

filter {
  ruby {
    code => "
	categories=event.get('categories' )
	tpics=event.get('topics' )
	categories.each {|category| tpics.each{|topic| kafka_topics.push(category +'_'+ topic)} }
	event.set('kafka_topics', kafka_topics)
output {
  kafka {
    codec => json
    topic_id => "foo"

My question here is there a way to push the event to multiple topics in Kafka.
exatly like the input plugin for kafka?

(Ranjith M) #3

Well only possible way which I can see is to pass a dynamic value to topic_id

(Maher Ben Taleb Ali) #4

yes I am aware of dynamic values. the problem is that I don't have a predefined list of outputs or the number of outputs at least.
is there a way to execute a ruby code in the output?

(Ranjith M) #5

I don't think that is possible , an alternate way to restrict is provide a list and use them using Prune filter.
Read through if that can work

(Maher Ben Taleb Ali) #6

does logstash supports partial config files?
can't I run a ruby filter and write the outputs in a config file then upload it.
does logstash loads the config before running?

(Maher Ben Taleb Ali) #7

I forked the logstash-output-kafka, it is now supporting the multi topics output

  kafka {
    topic_ids => ["foo","test"]

(system) #8

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