Add deprecated warning more broadly (in doc pages)

Preface: new to Elasticsearch...

I Googled for some info about the Java SDK and I ended up here on the document index api page, cool :sunglasses:, that should do the trick for what I need :+1:.

Only to eventually find out the TransportClient has been deprecated and I should be using the REST client(s).

I mean, who backs up to read the preface? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Got what I need and I'm moving on.

Thoughts? :thought_balloon:

Note @moderator(s): I don't know which category and tag(s) I should be using for this topic please update them as needed, thanks (or tell me I'll try to change it if I can)

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Fair enough.

May be you should open an issue in elasticsearch repository (the documentation is living there)?

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