"Add filter", "contains"-operator?

Hi there,

I am wondering why there doesn't exist a "contains" operator in the "Add filter"-window. I'd like to do something like this:


When I select "is" I am getting no result. But when I enter "message:*test*" in the search bar I do.

Of course you can always do:


But that is rather complicated just to add a filter for some users... Is there a reason that there is no operator in the UI doing that?

Leading wildcard queries are very inefficient and should be avoided. I would therefore recommend extracting the information at index time so you can use an operator that scales and performs better.

Yeah, that is right of course. But why can you enter "*test*" in the search bar, but cannot set a field filter "message:*test*"? I think the latter isn't as costly as the first...

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