Add format to docvalues in elasticsearch js client request

Using the Elasticsearch client js, I am able to add the doc values to the request like so:

callWithRequest(_req, 'search', {
    index: indexPatternTitle,
    scroll: '1m',
    body: body,

But I want to be able to specify the format.
In the console I can add the field "format": "MM/d/YYYY h:mm:ss a"

And the result will be formatted according to the format I specified.

But I am not able to pass the format using the js client.
I tried passing an object with like:

    "field": "timestamp",
   "format": "MM/d/YYYY h:mm:ss a"

But it doesn't work.

Any Idea on How to do that? or could it even be done using the js client?


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