Add Script Field has stopped returning any hits data

Hi, I have a query that I am performing in java where I am trying to return the nearest events by location. I am also trying to return the distance in Miles for each result.
Here is what i have so far, I have got this query working fine without the script field. But when I add the script field it shows me a non-zero value for hits and an empty InternalSearchHit class.

String[] includeSourceValues = new String[]{"location", "someKey1", "someKey2", "someKey3"};

		return connection.getClient().prepareSearch(index)
				.setFetchSource(includeSourceValues, null)
				.addScriptField("geoDistance", new Script("doc[\"location\"].distance(" + latitude + "," + longitude + ")"))
				.addSort(SortBuilders.geoDistanceSort("location", latitude, longitude))

I am sorry if this is a repeat I have seen similar problems using the elastic search api, which I have tried to apply in java(and probably failed).

I also can't be certain that the script itself is working (I haven't seen any results since i included it)

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