Adding a field analyzer to an existing field creates duplicate

Hi everyone,

So we just found out that the default analyzer that we are currently using for an index is not doing the job correctly for a specific field. I've looked into adding an analyzer for a specific field and got that to work on a test cluster. To test it, I created a new index from scratch using an index template containing the mapping of the targeted field. Everything worked as expected. Now that I'm working on the production cluster, I changed the index template by adding the mapping of the field and its specific analyzer. The problem I am encountering is that it seems that the fields are being initialized dynamically and I end up with the same field being mapped twice with two different analyzers and two different types as seen below.

"ScriptBlockText": { "type": "text", "fields": { "keyword": { "type": "keyword", "ignore_above": 256 } } }, "ScriptBlocktText": { "type": "text", "fields": { "keyword": { "type": "text", "analyzer": "whitespace" } } },

Even after the index rolls over I still get the same issue with having the same field being mapped twice.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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