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I am looking to add a second node to my single setup running Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana as log management solution. I currently have 2x hosts sending logs, and for performance, I wanted to add a second node as I plan on adding 9 more Windows servers to send logs. I have been reading up on some of the threads/documentation and from my understanding, it's a matter of installing just Elasticsearch on the second node, and then ensuring they have the same name.

One question I haven't been able to get an answer, however, is will the second node be utilized for storage as well? My current node has a 1TB disk and I expect that to fill quickly, but I am looking to not retain logs for long as it's a test environment. In the future, I would like to scale up to maybe 5 nodes with logs kept for 3 months and I was wondering if someone could explain if the storage is utilized with each node added.

  • What happens with Logstash? Is it aware of the other nodes? Do I need to add Logstash nodes?

I have looked at the topics already posted and have not been able to find an answer. I have also read the documentation, but it's not really in lay mans terms and for a newcomer to Elastic scene, I've found it difficult to navigate and get answers.

Yes (as long as it is configured to be a data node, which it is by default).

I don't know enough about Logstash to answer for definite, but this sounds like it mainly depends on whether a single Logstash node can handle the load you wish to apply.

As a general rule one can send requests to any node in an Elasticsearch cluster, and Elasticsearch looks after re-routing a request to the appropriate node(s).

Thanks for the quick response David, I wasn't aware that you can send logs to any node in the cluster. If that's the case, would I have to then install Logstash as well to the secondary nodes or will they all still utilize the main node Logstash ?

The dependency is in the other direction: Logstash uses Elasticsearch, but from Elasticsearch's point of view Logstash is treated like any other client.

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