Adding a sycronisation key to elasticsearch


I have a system where I grab lots of XML files throughout the day. I keep a
"sycned.xml" and a load of datestamped files too. Synced.xml is the latest
file which has been sycned with elasticsearch.

I run a program which works out the difference between the latest
timestamped file and "synced.xml" and depending on what has been added or
removed in the latest timestamped file, I update elasticsearch.

This means out of a large XML file, say 500,000 items, I only have to add
the 10,000 or so that have changed.

Can anyone recommend a way that I can check that elasticsearch and my
script is syncronised? In my mind I was thinking of generating a hash key
which I add to elasticsearch and log on my script. And if they don't match
then I know they are out of sync. That said, how do I achieve this?

Thank you for any help.

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