Adding boost rules, synonyms dynamically based on aggregates or other fields?


So far all the boost rules I have come across are based on user queries and involve specifying those rules directly in the search query.

But in some cases those could be static rules tied to a particular query and thus triggered without appending boost parameters into the query itself. Same holds true for synonyms instead of tying those to the entire index perhaps they could be triggered only if a particular field or product is queries.

I guess what I am getting at is there a way to incorporate these via some UI so they can be included in the index and not be dependent on end users? For example if I were to add a synonym for a specific product (aggregate or a field) and a rule that needed to boost a specific document for that product or field I could simply add those conditions in the UI so that those rules, synonyms etc. would be baked into the index and get triggered automatically when those particular queries were entered.


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