Adding custom pattern failed

Hi experts

I am a newer to Kibana(6.x) , when I tried to add custom patterns with the instruction '' but failed.


Can anyone help me out of this mess, thanks in advance!


Hi Dominic,

Kibana just provides the interface to grok debugger.
Can you please ask this question in logstash forum? They will be able to help you very fast :slight_smile:



So you want to add custom grok patterns to Logstash, not Kibana? Did you read the Custom Patterns section of the filter documentation?

I just want to develop my own custom grok patterns which of course will be applied to Logstash finally in Grok Debugger tab in Kibana WebUI as shown in the above picture. I think it's convenient for debugging. If I am not clear to you, let me know. Thank you.

To define a custom grok pattern in Kibana it needs to be JSON, e.g. like this:

{"POSTFIX_QUEUEID" : "[0-9A-F]{10,11}"}

See the example in the documentation.

Thank you very much. I think I got it.

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