Adding custom search results that is not in indice

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to set up site search for my company's web site. I am using elastic crawler to get data from web site and I can do basic search. (I did not set up, booster or suggesters yet). Our company's Elastic Stack version is 8.3. Here is my question:

I want to add some search result via a file (like csv if it possible), and I need to get first these result when it is a exact match.

For example:

Lets assume that I defined a custom json for search result in local file:


When I search for "cars" It should bring me the result as "" first, than it can bring other related search result from the indice. It have to be exact match, so It should get only indice results when I search for "car". It is not like suggestion, because I want to do this operation on search result.

Do you have any idea- how could I handle this on Elastic?

Thanks in advance !!!

Hi Everyone!

I found the solution myself. I created another engine by uploding json data (the contex of the .csv file). After that, I created a Meta Engine and I defined two source (one is crawling index, the other one is my json data) I give extra weigt the field which I want to exact macth. It worked as I aspected.

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