Adding fields to an index has caused a performance hit

Hi all, was hoping someone could offer some advice.

Elastic version 5.6

We have an elastic index (pretty large - around 300Gb) that we have recently added some additional fields to, and have seen a performance drop with the speed of responses to queries.

The queries themselves don't use these additional fields (yet) and have stayed exactly the same, so the only difference is that some properties/elements have an additional field. As far as I have read this doesn't affect the _source, so in terms of the sizes of information being shuffled around, that shouldn't have changed either.

So, does anyone have an ideas as to why our response times to queries may have increased. I don't really know much about the ins and outs of Elastic, but as far as I'm concerned the inverted indexes being queried by the queries as exactly the same, so surely it should take roughly the same amount of time to query them? Could this be something to do with caching the documents, that are now bigger? Is there a way to tell the query to ignore these new fields altogether to negate any impact?

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!

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