Adding Filebeat to Production Environment

It is quite urgent that I add consolidating logging to a rather brittle system that includes wildfly 10.10 and tomcat servers(5). How does one add filebeats to a production environment? What is the maximum amount of memory and cpu filebeats will take up. Etc. What is the safest way to add filebeat into a production ubuntu linux environment?

Hi @StevenO,

Filebeat agent is usually really lightweight. The numbers of events or logs to deal will influence the CPU usage on the hardware but it should still be light. There is no specific hardware requirements for fileebat. it depends on your deployment, I think its better to tests it and see how it impact your use case.

You can install filebeat via deb/yum/rpm/tar directly.

i don't understand what exactly the you mean by safest way. However, for secure filebeat you can use following SSL/TLS method depends on your use case:

Harsh Bajaj

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