Filebeat Pre-requisite & CPU , memory utilization

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I have some questions regarding filebeat.

  1. To deploy filebeat , we need to have java on same system ?
  2. How much memory & CPU Utilized by filebeat?
  3. If there is heavy log file, memory & CPU utlization also increased ? or it cause filebeat to stop?

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Filebeat is developed in Go language and there is no dependency of java to deploy it either by source code or by rpm.

As Filebeat is very lightweight process, so there is no such minimum hardware requirement of filebeat is there as per

But I gathered few information just before and after installation of filebeat and I found it takes
Memory : approx 1810 kB
CPU usage : very very little.

To get more info regarding CPU or Memory usage you can use "vmstat", "iostat", "/proc/meminfo" before and after service start or installation of filebeat

Filebeat uses back-pressure protocol to handle the heavy load of logs. To handle this Filebeat spooler and harvester will use more memory and cpu . So system utilization will be increased accordingly. But it totally use case specific.

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what is the CPU and Memory utilization by filebeat agent on Production server running log analyses on 30-50 application ?

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