Filebeat 6.4.2 consumes high CPU and lots of memory on windows server 2012 R2

(yongqiang shen) #1

I setup a filebeat on window server 2012 R2 to collect some log files ( not too much files <10, file size for each one is less than 100M).
The system is as follows.

I noticed that it consumes almost 20% CPU and 1.3G memory.
I am wondering if it is the same issue as Filebeat 6.3.0 is taking too much of memory on windows 2008R2.

So I run the ./filebeat -httpprof localhost:6060 command and upload heap data to

Could someone here help to analyse it and give me some advice or work arounds for this issue?


(Andrew Cholakian) #2

Hmmm, that issue was (supposedly) fixed in 6.4.0. I see you're running a later version.

Can you open a new issue at ? It may be different.

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