Adding management plugin

I'm trying to add a section to the management landing page. Similar to how xpack adds sections there with there own configuration pages. I could not find any documentation or examples of there. Something similar to the highlighted section below.

Is there somewhere I can read up on this and figure out how to do this?

I have seen Stack Management | Kibana Guide [8.11] | Elastic which states

This section is pluginable, so in addition to the out of the box capabitilies, packs such as X-Pack can add additional management capabilities to Kibana.

We make no guarantees on this plugin API, but here's how you can currently do it:

In your plugin's index.js, under uiExports, add the following:

uiExports: {
  managementSections: ['path/to/your/file']

Then inside this file, do something like the following:

import { management } from 'ui/management';
import routes from 'ui/routes';

  .register('subsection', {
    display: 'SubSection',
    order: 5,
    url: '#/management/section/subsection/'

routes.when('/management/section/subsection', {
  controller: function () {
    // ...

Let me know if that works!

Looks like that is how it should be done, but it looks like the section isn't getting created with management.getSection

I'm getting an error in the browser of Error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'register' of undefined

Okay, ended up getting it to work by adding:

management.register('section', {
  display: 'Section',
  order: 40

prior to attempting to register the subsection

What about adding the icon to the heading. I have tried passing in an icon when registering the management section but nothing ever displays there.

management.register('section', {
  display: 'Section',
  order: 40,
  icon: 'plugins/plugin/assets/section_icon.svg'

So ended up drilling down enough to figure out that it was set dynamically for the service in less.

so I added a less file with

.management-panel__heading-icon--section {
  background-image: url("~plugins/plugin/assets/section_icon.svg");

where section is what was registered to management.

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