Adding new DATA Node on existing Cluster

Hello Team,

I would like to new data node on my existing elk cluster ..
Did you know what is the best practices for this pls ?
actualy i have two node on my cluster


We recommend an odd number of nodes: 1 or 3 would be better.

For our best practices on adding nodes, see . For setting a node to be a data-only node, see . Personally, I wouldn't set node roles (i.e. make them all master and data eligible) for such a small cluster, unless your setup has very specific constraints that make this problematic.


@Emanuil many thanks :slight_smile:
i have another issue !!

actualy we have just two node seperated in two datacenter (cluster of 2 nodes).
We would add two nodes to make the servers (nodes) lighter.
what do you suggest ? add data nodes for example on the exisisting cluster!!


I'd generally recommend keeping one cluster per data centre and using Cross-Cluster Search . There is also some commercial functionality around this in the form of Cross Cluster Replication.

Don't you find latency between the nodes is too much of a problem when each node is in a separate data center?

I would still make sure there are 3 nodes. The problem with 2 is that you get no redundancy - if one goes down the entire cluster should go down. If it's not configured to do that, 2 nodes has the potential for a split brain problem, see this discuss question for info, especially this answer on what to do with 2 nodes. So this is why I would add at least one more node - then one of them can go down and the cluster keep running with 2 out of 3.

Overall I definitely wouldn't recommend running a cluster across 2 data centers, the nodes talk a lot between themselves when you're adding data or if a node fails. Unless the 2 centers are right next to each other, you're going to run into serious trouble as you put load on the cluster.

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hi @Emanuil
many thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

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