Adding new data node to 3 node elasticsearch cluster


There is 3 node elasticsearch cluster. one is running as master node and other two running as data node. All these nodes are having 900GB hard disk.
So i wanted to add new data node which having 350GB hard disk. Please kindly point me any related document there. will it is problem with new node hard disk size?


Generally you can just add the node into the cluster and it'll start allocating index shards there.

But, the allocator works by shard count, sadly not disk space, so it'll likely fill that node up and hit low-space watermarks, then not add more shards; this may not be a bad thing, as it'll take load/data off your existing nodes.

See the docs.

You can do more with hot/warm/cold, zones, etc. but that seems messy for such a small cluster.

It'll take a while as it only migrates two shards at a time.

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