Adding new node in cluster

I am running elasticsearch-5.0.0-beta1 in my laptop, I want to add one more new node to my elasticsearch cluster. In total I want to have 2 nodes. How do I do this?

My elasticsearch.yml my-application
node.attr.rack: r1 node-1 /path/to/data

second node newnode
node.master: false true [""]

When starting elasticsearch the newnode is not added to cluster. what to do? I use windows 8 64bit machine.

You need to use a non-loopback address instead of the 127 one.

Please use one of the GA releases, current is 5.4.3 :slight_smile:

I have a single machine with 1 ip address. Can I add another node in same machine? I dont have another machine to add as a node. Please help. I am a beginner.

Yes you can, just start another instance of Elasticsearch.

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