Adding remote cluster failed

Hi, This is Jason.

I would like to add remote cluster which is free-tier 6.0 with our platinum-tier 6.8 cluster.

But I have no success to add this remote cluster.
I confirmed firewall is open so I can get remote cluster's health via REST API.

AFAIK, 6.0 and 6.8 is transport compatible.
[reference :]

In addition, Can I create a ML-job with indices on remote cluster?

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are there any messages in the elasticsearch logfiles that could help identifying the problem, that you can share in a gist?

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Sorry for the late.

Here are my logs

Remote cluster connection Failure Log

FYI, Hostname and IP address are masqueraded for security.

As far as I know you can not have a cluster with ML enabled run jobs against data in clusters without the appropriate commercial license.

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Thank you, Christain.

I thought It is possible to create a ML job on ML cluster with datafeed via CCS.
I'd better create additional index for ML cluster.