Adding sorting feature to Kibana fields

I am unable to add SORTING (Arrows for ascending and descending sort) to my custom fields added to Kibana. My present GROK pattern is as below. I want to add sorting for TIME , Please help

**match => { "message" => "\[%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:Log_time}\]\[.*?\]\[%{LOGLEVEL:loglevel}\].*"**

hi @rdkgn

not sure if I follow 100%. You would like to sort on the loglevel column in Discover?

Sorting only works for ordinal field-types, like dates en numbers, and not for keyword or text-fields. I would create an enhancement request here:

Hi @thomasneirynck neirynck

Thanks for your reply. Let me clarify you. 
I want to sort only `Log_time` column (and nothing else), Please help.

Did you get any solution for my issue?

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