Adding term vectors causes span queries to not work?

I need to do span_near queries on an analyzed field. This has been working fine, but since I need highlighting and the plain highlighter is not fast enough on this field, I wanted to try the fast vector highlighter. So I re-indexed the documents with no changes except adding term_vector: with_positions_offsets to this field.

Now the queries don't work at all - no results ever get returned. The term vectors look OK, not that I see why they would affect the actual query.

I am using ES 2.3.4. (I saw that fvh didn't work for span queries in an earlier version - since there is no mention of this restriction in the 2.3 documentation I am hoping this is no longer the case. Even if it is, I should still get results with no highlighting.)

Can you provide the mappings and queries you are using?

Not easily as there is a custom token filter involved (it isn't the problem as the queries work fine as long as there are no term vectors).

Incidentally, is there an issue with notifications here? I did not get any notification that you had replied.