Adding the basics to a default ES setup

Hi All,

Would any one be able to give me some cohesive advise on setting up this
basic scenario.

What's done:

  • Installed default ES system
  • pushed documents into ES with pyelasticseach
  • using head to see whats up
  • can search and get some results but not ideal

Want to implement:

  • Want to configure elision and/or a stemmer.
    I've tried to add it to elasticsearch,json based on what
    info I've found but I honestly can't tell if this is even correct.
  • Would ideally want to use pure REST/cURL or config file to add these

ANY help would be greatly appreciated as I have done a ton of reading /
googling and I see tons of details
I just can't seem to find the info to stitch together something as basic as
adding an non-default analyzer.