Adding time range query to one column of a Data table visualization in kibana

I want to display current count and last week's count from a index in a data table visualization in kibana.
Thinking of using the JSON input advanced option to get count of last week in the table. Not sure how to write a query there. Please help!.


Hi there, you can use the JSON input to transform the values used in that aggregation after the query has been executed, but you can't change the query itself. In other words, it won't allow you to do what you're trying to do. I think the closest you could get is to use Timelion to perform a series difference calculation. This will be in the form of a chart, not a table, but it will show difference values based on different points in time.

I hope this helps,

Hi CJ,
I was afraid you would say that. Thanks anyway. Will try it the way you suggested.

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