Addition of other visualizations in Elastic-SIEM dashboards

There are pre-built visualizations in the Elastic-SIEM section in Kibana.
Can I add additional visualizations that I previously created in the visualizations, to the Elastic-SIEM section?

Welcome to the community curiousmind -- thanks for posting!

Currently it is not possible to embed pre-built visualizations within the SIEM App, but this is something we may expand upon in a future release. To better understand your use-case, in which sections of the SIEM app would you find it most useful to embed your own custom visualizations, and what types of visualizations would you be using?

For reference, I believe there was some discussion of exposing this functionality on the overview page, and there may be further improvements to the SIEM Network Map to enable loading of your own custom Security Layers.

I highly recommend outlining your use-case in a feature request as this will help us best prioritize this type of functionality for future releases. :slightly_smiling_face:


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