Additional fields in facet

Can i obtain additional field in facet section? (mote than only field and its count). I need to obtain category name and its url.

My goal is to get trend of some field (6-10 mos popular) within day, month, year. There 100-1000 entries per day, so i can't obtain addiyional information from search results so my query smth like this:

"from":1306784328,"to":1306784328 // timestamp

I tried to specify "field":["title", "slug"] but it returns summary count and only one field value (the last one in array, "slug")

may be i'm doing it wrong?

PS my index smt like this:

title: "Item Title",
slug: "item-title",
created: 1306784328
title: "Item Title2",
slug: "item-title2",
created: 1306784328