Additonal new fields getting recorded in the log file

HI Team,
I have been working with ELK components for quite sometime now, however i observe a very strange behaviour with logstash component now. I been working on setup where i have started logging some api logs messages from a server, this server is same where i have hosted my non prod ELK components.

As per the setup, the api response will acumulated in a sepcific port which then gets diverted to specific log file based on the custom conditions. These logs are in turn read by filebeat and parsed to logstash. This setup has been working as expected.but offlate i could see "logstash parsing messages overwristing the api responses" and hence i could observe lot of grok parse failures in kibana.

   I believe this occurs because of some bad verbose being enabled in the setup. Can you please let me know as what needs to be changed here. Thanks.

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