Adjusting Show metrics in a host

I started experimenting with the Metrics stuff in 7.8 and added an Nginx server to metricbeat which is also doing haproxy. Now I expected to show up in the Host details too as does the Nginx Request Rate and active connections for example.

Do you need to do something to achieve that I see Host, Nginx and Haproxy info in the metrics/detail/host ?

I can open the HAproxy overview dashboard and that gives me all the info I need. But having the info per server would be very nice in the host details.

We don't currently support haproxy on the Node Details page, but that's a great idea.

Would you like to open the feature request on GitHub? I can take care of it unless you'd like the GitHub credit for it.

I'm logging off for the weekend soon and just wanted to make sure this got in, so the issue is tracked here.

Thanks for creating a feature request.. I was just wondering if there are more services to show up in the Node details? Where can I see that apart from implementing all different kinds of services?

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