Metricbeat Module is not visible in Infrastructure Host Overview


We enabled over our cloud instance multiple Metricbeat host monitorings.
On every host we enabled the System, Nginx and MongoDB monitoring.
All hosts are now visible under the metrics view in Kibana and we get detailed host view.
But we are not able to get any information in the host view about our local MongoDB instance (see the yellow part in the image below, MongoDB is missing).
The Nginx is visible and we can see the metrics per host.

We also have the pregenerated MongoDB dashboards in Kibana.
So the data is available over Elasticsearch /Kibana and everything should be sent correctly.
May there is an issue because every MongoDB instance is installed locally and get monitored as "localhost:27017". Due to this behavior we had to change the pregenerated Dashboard, because there the instance list was splitted by instance name and not the "".
Could this be also the problem for the Metricbeat and the Metrics host view?

Do you have any ideas what the issue could be and how we can fix this?

Thank you.
Greetings Matt

Hi @matthiasbaldi,

The reason why it's not visible is because as of today we don't show MongoDB metrics in the host overview. The only place where you can see the information is in the pregenerated dashboards.

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That explains everything :slight_smile:
Ok, is this a planned feature? Because i.e. Nginx is visible on the Metric host overview.

We have no plans to implement that, but if you have the time you can add a feature request for it. That gives us a use case for it, and you can probably describe better what information you would expect there :slight_smile:.

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