Metricbeat Not Showing Up On Kibana


Sorry to bother you, I have a running Elasticsearch/Kibana 6.1.2 and it works fine. I can see in the "Discover" the logs that are coming from my other VM called "beat.hostname: ansible" but how the heck do you add the host to the "Monitoring" in X-Pack?

if i go into Elasticsearch I only see the local hostname of the kibana/elasticsearch server but how do I add the nodes in here so I can have a list of the servers kibana/elasticsearch are managing?


there is no issue in the metricbeat.yml as i am able to see the logs in the Discover colum


Nevermind, Bill helped me out! I feel very stupid :confused:

Hey there,

Great that you solved your issue, but would you mind telling the rest of us exactly what you did in order to fix this?

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@luiz_tavares oh hey so i ended up not using the Monitoring in X-Pack and just used the filebeat/metricbeat and they show up in Dashboard. If you give me more details about what you're trying to do maybe I can help you out.

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