Metricbeat upgrade to 6.5.1 removes the host from Kibana dashboards and visualisations

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I've been testing an ELK stack setup with metric beats for monitoring and have noticed odd behaviour. If I upgrade metricbeats to 6.5.1 from the repos in Ubuntu then the data is still shipped to my logstash/elastic instances and I can view the data manually in discover but the Metricbeat System overview dashboard along with the kibana built in filter/search boxes no longer see the host. Its like the index created by this version (as I'm using the default logstash config where it uses metricbeat-$version and date fields) is causing some issue with Kibana's built in filtering.

I don't know if this is more an issue for Kibana however I thought i'd start with the data pusher rather than the visualisation board.

Thanks for the assistance in advance! :smile:

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I've resolved this by deleting all of the metricbeat saved objects from kibana and followed the article regarding importing them again when using a logstash environment. After this I updated the metricbeat package and its now showing the host again. I'm not sure what had happened to the kibana visualisations and dashboards to cause this but deleting and recreating them appeared to be the fix.

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We'll have a close look in case we can repeat the issue.

I'm glad that you managed to find a solution anyways, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

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