Metricbeat no data

Hi everyone,

Currently I have set-up metricbeat. I changed the index name to a custom one and after that change I can't see data anymore in the Host overview. I can still see the other dashboards, but if I go to System overview,

I can see the data, if I click the the Host overview, It is empty

Any ideas as to how I should fix this?

Can you check whether the visualizations on that dashboard are still pointing to the old index name? Maybe regenerating the dashboards from the beat helps

I think I've found the problem, but I am not sure how to fix it.
Everything is correct, except if I click the navigation menu and the Host overview, the value for that is being passed internally is which should be the server's hostname... And I have no idea how I should fox this. Any ideas?

I think that info is in the markdown visualization which is rendering the inline navigation. Go to the dashboard where you are clicking the link, switch to Edit mode, edit the panel of the navigation and check the link in there whether it contains and change it to the real hostname.

In the markdown, the hostname isn't specified...

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