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I have setup a host "elksrv" with elasticsearch, kibana and logstash. then i configured a second server "elk-lab" with metricbeat and filebeat. When i configure metricbeat on "elk-lab" i configured setup.dashboards.enabled: true to load the dasboards.

To this point everything works fine.

Then i configured a third host "elk-prod" with metricbeat and filebeat (without setup.dashboards.enabled), shutdown "elk-lab" deleted all indices previously created on "elksrv" and started metricbeat on elk-prod and new indices are created as new information is being published.

Now, when go to kibana dashboard and select dashboad [Metricbeat System] Host overview ECS it comes with a kind of preset filter ""elk-lab" ", However, elk-lab is no longer active.

My question is how do i change it and make it permanent? I have tried changing in the filter but next time i go to the dashboard it brings again the original filter.


You may have to run ./metricbeat setup again with dashboards enabled from your elk-prod host.

Thanks, i edited the dashboard on kibana and changed the filter, no need to reload the dashboards

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