Configuring multiple metricbeats host instances with one elasticsearch and Kibana system dashboard

Hi, I'm trying to configure system metrics from multiple (3) systems via metricbeats + Elasticsearch _Kibana (ver 7.15.1 ). However, the index in which it gets into is the default index metricbeat-*

My requirement is to have all the system metrics from all the hosts (host1,2,3) displayed/stacked on the same Metricbeats Host dashboard (default) in Kibana. Request you to let me know the config for adding multiple hosts. Should i create separate indices for each host or any modification of visualization or dashboard file config is required?

However, i can see the host data, from one server. When i setup dashboard for other servers it doesnot show up in the Kibana dashboard.

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If they are all using the defaults, then they will all be in the same index, which means they will all show up under the default dashboards. If they aren't, then we will need more information on what's not happening, and your configs.

Don't set up a metricbeat index for each host that's generally considered an anti-pattern it will create too many small indices.

You should take a look at the metrics app, you'll be able to see each individual host.

The out of the box metricbeat host dashboards show an overall system view and then when you click into you will see a detailed metrics view for a single host.

If you want to see multiple hosts on a single visualization just create your own dashboard

Create new dashboard

Create new visualization of type Lens

Create a line chart with @timestamp as the x-axis choose your metric example total CPU for the y-axis
Then break down by and you will see your host all on one line chart

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