One dashboard which combines system Metricbeats from many host

I try out Elastic Stack the following way:
Kibana + Elasticsearch + System Beat 6 Windows hosts.
I use 2 sample dashboard to view: [Metricbeat System] Overview + [Metricbeat System] Host overview

I need do a Dashboard which combines system Metricbeats from 6 host into ONE view (CPU Usage Gauge visualization 6 times etc).

HOWTO achieve in general?
Should i start using Logstash?

Any guidance for HOWTO achieve would be very much appriciated.

TASK later
Use X-Pack for cluster support, more beats, watcher alerts etc.

Are all the metrics going into the same index? The dashboard should already represent all the hosts - you would need to add a filter to drill down to a single host.

Yes same index. I simply installed system beats equally on 6 windows box and use sample dashboards - all works out-of-the-box... very easy to initialize. So i would like thos CPU visualizations to be present 6 times, but did not solve HOWTO cusomize them with data feed. Can i do so when index in the same?

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