Kibana Dashboards (System Overview)


Sorry to both you guys, I have used Kibana before in another company and I remember being able to import dashboards and everything looked like the picture in the where it shows System Metrics with really good graphs, gauges, heat maps, vertical bars etc...

Installed and configured Kibana 6.1.2 with Elasticsearch and everything works fine, setup metricbeat and I even tried the X-Pack Basic License which has a "monitoring" tool but it's not nearly as good as the pictures or the ones you were able to import back in the day of "topbeat". Anyways does anyone know where one can import these dashboards? I cannot setup Dashboards for the life of me so back in Kibana 5.0 or so you could just import ones and it was ready to go and all. I just want system overview and possibly Apache metrics but when I go to setup a dashboard with all the x & y axis it gets really confusing. Is it just me that doesn't get it or does one really need to learn how to setup x & y axis. It be great to learn how to make dashboards but the process all seems quite complicated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

The system module in metricbeat may be what you are looking for:

Hey thanks for getting back to me. I do have the metricbeat installed on 3 hosts and I can see they are sending all the system info data. What I don't understand is how I add that info in the dashboards? In the Elastic Web site you see this system over all, host overview and really cool gadgets but when you try to create them it's hard and I don't even know where to start. Like CPU usage for example, I can hover on the Discover side and look for CPU usage but how would I add the CPU usage in a dashboard for all 3 hosts ? I setup Kibana 5.0 a while ago and they had the import dashboards downloads with topbeat which had a lot of cool dashboards but now nothing like that is available. The documentation doesn't explain in detail how to add something as easy as CPU or memory usage for not one host but for various hosts. Also the list of hosts Kibana has in the system would be nice to be able to see in the dashboards.

Did you execute the command outlined here to set up the dashboards?

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Hey Bill!

Wow! I feel very stupid :frowning: Of course! once I ran that I saw all the metric dashboards :confused: sorry I wasted your time. Thanks a millions


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