Need to setup cpu,memory,disk dashboards in kibana

I am fairly new to ELK and going thru dis portal is kind of helping me a little bit. I saw you are active and knowledgable in ELK.

Could you help me in setting my visualization so I could set up the dashboards for my new project.

metric beats has been setup already,my agenda is to setup metrics(cpu,disk,memory,io..) for our gcp projects/hosts. I tried few visualization steps but nothing seems to be working as I need it to be.

Appreciate your help.

Are you running Metricbeat on each of your GCP hosts? If so, the system module which is enabled by default should get you the metrics you are looking for.



Yes metricbeat is installed. How do I get the default system module dashboard? Doesn’t it require an index setup first. I’m finding it hard to create an index just fir our data. I can now see huge list of indexes for other projects.


I looked into the queries but nothing is helping my case. please let me know what metrics, aggregate, field I should select to create visualization for all CPU, memory metrics. Much appreciate the help.

If you've setup the module that is mentioned above and then run Metricbeat, then it will populate the indices and the dashboards automatically.

I am using, ..... everything is showing up in bytes in visualization , how do I get actual utilization in GB.My dashboard should look exactly like - System module | Metricbeat Reference [7.11] | Elastic. Could you help me with metric aggregation and filed. Much appreciated.

Try searching for [Metricbeat System] in the dashboard menu of Kibana. The dashboard should with multiple visualizations should be automatically populated if you have setup.dashboards.enabled: true in your metricbeat.yml

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