How to configure Accurate metrics projection for CPU/RAM usage

kibana dashboard seems to show cpu usage changes on increments(i'm using metricbeat to ship system metrics). How do I configure the dashboard to project cpu usage on a real time basis.

Hi @Ritzy,

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I'm not sure I understand your scenario. Would you mind elaborating a bit, perhaps using some sample data as to what you are seeing vs. what you would like to see?



Hi Shaunak,
Thank you for having me. I have not been able to view metricbeat data on kibana dashboard under "Today" timeline.

but under last 15 minutes or any other timeline, I am able to view the data.

my system.yml config is as below
module: system
period: 10s
- cpu
- load
- memory
- network
- process
- process_summary
- core
- diskio
#- socket
processes: ['.*']
by_cpu: 5 # include top 5 processes by CPU
by_memory: 5 # include top 5 processes by memory

  • module: system
    period: 10s

    • filesystem
    • fsstat
    • drop_event.when.regexp:
      system.filesystem.mount_point: '^/(sys|cgroup|proc|dev|etc|host|lib)($|/)'
  • module: system
    period: 15m

    • uptime


Further more, I would like to add that the time ranges particularly Today, This Week, This month and This year do not repro the data.

All the other time ranges are able to repro.


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