CPU Usage (Dashboard) Not Show Value

My dashboard not show CPU, RAM usage and etc. Only show Number of process value.
elasticsearch & Kibana version 7.9.1
I using logstash as output
Please help me.

Hi @reza_naipospos welcome to the community.

Couple Things

  1. Enable diskio in the modules.d/system.yml file it is disabled by default that might be why you are not getting disk.

  2. Let the data collect for 5 -15 mins I see you are looking at less than a minute...

  3. filesystem is default for 1m collection so you need to look at a larger time frame.

  4. 3rd with respect to CPU the sample image shows cpu at ~ 0.007% so that is rounded to 0 put some load on the system.

  5. Finally network sometimes takes and adjustment to the settings depending on what system or how you started / deployed. You may not have permission to gather network.

How did you start metricbeat?

Thanks for great answer @stephenb,
after follow your instruction, i get value like this

can we make dashboard in real time?

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