Standard overview dashboard?

Hi, I have Metricbeats and it logs CPU/MEM etc, but I don't have any standard overview dashboard such as is on screenshot in documentation. How can I got it?

My just looks like this:

Metricbeats information are from local system on which ELK stack works.

I also deleted all example default dashboards, maybe by mistake also this... can I setup it again somehow?

I have also other metrics:

# ls -1 | egrep -v disabled$

Maybe there are also such dashboards done for ELK stack too?

Hi @cyberzlo,

there are multiple way to view the metrics in Kibana. The Metrics app shown on your screenshot is one, the dashboards that metricbeat ships with is another. Which to use depends on your specific usage scenario.

For the Elastic Stack itself there is a dedicated Stack Monitoring app in Kibana.

If you deleted pre-built dashboards in error you should be able to re-install them using ./metricbeat setup --dashboards.

Thanks, forgot to mention that I dont have xpack, I am on basic free license for learning ELK :).

# metricbeat setup --dashboards
Loading dashboards (Kibana must be running and reachable)
Loaded dashboards

I think I should see it in my case on [Metricbeat System] Host Services Overview but there is nothing (no data to display), why?:frowning:

I can think of several possible reasons... :thinking:

Let's try to narrow it down a bit (if you're up for it) by checking the mappings. Assuming you didn't change the default index name in the metricbeat config, could you share the result of running

GET metricbeat-*/_mapping

in the Kibana Dev Tools?