Unable to visualize data in Dashboard

I am using ELK stack 7.1 on AWS RHEL 7.2. I could only get hold of the above environment to install ELK. I would like to monitor system metrics (CPU, Memory, Disk) of few instances and i collect the information via metricbeat 7.1. I am able to view the reported nodes under the "Infrastructure" icons. However, i'm not sure on how to visualize the data in dashboard with graphs. My requirement:

  • Display graphs of CPU Memory Disk utilization for each node in dashboard.


Hi Ganesh, did you follow all of the steps in the "Getting started with Metricbeat" docs? There are a few steps there which will set up Kibana dashboards for you so you can visualize this information:

Step 2: Configure Metricbeat walks you through configuring Metricbeat to communicate with Kibana in substeps 3 and 4. This is critical in order for Metricbeat to set up the dashboards in Kibana.

Step 3: Load the index template in Elasticsearch describes how to load the index template that ES will use to define the settings and mappings for incoming Metricbeat data. Be careful that you use the default index template. Changing the index template may break the dashboards.

Step 4: Set up the Kibana dashboards is the final critical step, and will result in dashboards for you to see in Kibana.

I hope this helps!

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Hi cjcenizal,

This solved.. thank you. In addition, is there a way i could monitor the windows & Linux disk space utilization? For now, the Linux/Windows just throws a whole disk space. I would like to get it in dashboard the utilization of "C: D: E:" in case of windows and '/', '/home' , '/opt' in case of linux.

Sorry, I'm not familiar enough with Metricbeat to help with that level of detail. Could you try asking your question again in the Metricbeat forum?

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