Managing Dashboard

I have metricbeat running in more than one servers and it is reporting to Elasticsearch/Kibana. I am able to discover the data server wise. But when I am creating the dashboard, data is getting grouped together. For Example, if in Server 1 Filesystem utilization is 30% and in Server 2 Filesystem utilization is 50%, Kibana dashboard is reporting 40% utilization as a whole.
My question is how I can create dash board server wise - where I should be able to see Disk Usage (Metricbeat system) server wise ?

I am very new to ELK stack, please guide me what I am doing wrong ?

You can specify Split Series in your visualization configuration to break out different dimensions in your data set. For example, in the screen shot below, I am splitting the bar chart with a terms aggregation on the machine.os.keyword field.

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