Creating Dashboard according to or hostname?


Is there a way we can create Kibana dashboard for an individual host to map respective fields such as CPU usage, Memory usage and etc. Right now, everything is in one index such as "metricbeat-version-date". Kindly suggest how I can achieve it.

Metricbeat comes packaged with example Kibana dashboards, visualizations, and searches for visualizing Metricbeat data in Kibana. Set up instructions:

You can use the example Metricbeat dashboards as a starting point:

Then, you can view the dashboard for a single Metricbeat host by opening the base dashboard (with all hosts) and click Add a filter. Choose hostname, is, enter the hostname of the Metricbeat host you want to view, and Save.

If you don't want to change the filter every time to view a different host, you can create a dashboard for each host by clicking Clone. You may want to modify the name of the cloned dashboard to include the name of the corresponding Metricbeat host. Modify the hostname filter for each dashboard as needed.

Alternatively, you could also split up Metricbeat indices by host, which will avoid the need to add a filter to the dashboard, but may be inefficient:

Thanks jen-hung.

I have one more question , our CPU metrics on Dashboard shows above 200% always since its a multi core. Please can anyone suggest how to convert it to 100% value. We also mapping this metrics in grafana server, hope you'll describe the way to achieve it.

You should modify the diagram to use the field in the aggregation. This is the percentage value normalized by the number of CPUs.
One drawback though is that you'll see values 0.0 to 1.0, not 0% and 100%.

This isnt working in Grafana Mapping it shows Not applicable. Can someone please suggest

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